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Dependency plugin for creating, moving, rolling and clearing dice sets. Includes dice cam options.

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

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Dice Set Manager Plugin

This unofficial TaleSpire plugin for creating, rolling and clearing dice sets. This dice set intercepts the core TS dice functionality and instead of visualizing the results allows the user to subscribe to the results of the rolls so that they can be used and/or visualized using a custom manner. Dice created with this plugin can be rolled both manually (by the player) like core TS dice or automatically from code (such as a ruleset implementation).

Change Log

1.1.1: Added roll Formula to Dice Set object

1.1.1: Removed testing code and testing subscription.

1.1.0: Reworked namespace to allow using Coroutines eliminating need for any Update loop code.

1.1.0: Added dice cam functionality.

1.0.1: Fixed documentation formatting.

1.0.0: Initial release.


Use R2ModMan or similar installer to install this plugin.


This is a dependency plugin which does not do anything on its own. Instead, it is used by other plugins to take care of the dice set functionality. The plugin has both basic and advanced features.

This plugin is ideal when the results of the rolls are not to be automatically displayed such as when implementing the game mechanics for a ruleset. If you want to retain the original core TS dice result display then consider using Hollo's DiceCallbackPlugin instead.

DiceSet Features

Most methods are accessed through a Instance variable of the DiceSetManagerPlugin as can be seen in the example code.

CreateDiceSet(string dicesetName, string formula)

This method creates dice set (consisting of one or more dice and one or more modifiers) with the given name. The dice will be created in the TS dice tray, automatically moved to the board, and registed so that other methods can act on the dice set using the provided name. Example:

DiceSetManagerPlugin.Instance.CreateDiceSet("Longbow Damage", "1D8+3+2D6")

MoveDiceSet(string dicesetName, Vector3 pos)

This method takes all the dice associated with the indicated dice set, and moves them to the specified location. Examples:

DiceSetManagerPlugin.Instance.MoveDiceSet("Longbow Damage", new Vector3(2f,2.5f,3.0f));

ThrowDiceSet(string dicesetName, float lift)

This method takes all the dice associated with the indicated dice set, gathers them, lifts them, and rolls them. The second parameter, lift, is optional. It determines how far the dice are lifted before they are rolled. Examples:

DiceSetManagerPlugin.Instance.ThrowDiceSet("Longbow Damage") DiceSetManagerPlugin.Instance.ThrowDiceSet("Longbow Damage", 7.0f)

ClearDiceSet(string dicesetName)

This method unregisters the indicated dice set and removes all dice associated with that dice set. Use this method, instead of the core TS methods, to remove dice so that the dice set is properly unregistered. Example:

DiceSetManagerPlugin.Instance.ClearDiceSet("Longbow Damage")


This method unregisters and all the registered dice sets and removes all the dice associated with the dice sets. Use this functionality to remove dice sets, instead of using the core TS methods, in order to ensure that the dice sets are properly unregistered. Example:


Subscribe(SubscriptionEvent action, string identity, Action<string> callback)

This method provides a way to subscribe to dice set events. The most common dice set event to subscribe to is the dice roll result event but it is also possible to subscribe to the dice set added and dice set cleared events. The SubscriptionEvent indicates which event is to be subscribed to. To subscrive to multiple events, either call the Subscrive method multiple times or separate the different subscription events by a pipe (or operator). The identity is any unique string that can be used in the Unsubscribe method to remove subscriptions for the indicated identity. This allows different plugins to subscribe to events without affecting each other. The callback parameter indicates the function that should be called when the event occurs. The callback function takes single string as a parameter which passes to it the event arguments as a JSON string. The event arguments either identifies that dice set that was created, provides the results of a dice set roll (both total and details) or provides the name and roll id of the dice set that was cleared. Examples:

Subscribe(SubscriptionEvent.diceResult, "BobBarker", (s)=>{ Debug.Log(s); });

Subscribe(SubscriptionEvent.diceAdd | SubscriptionEvent.diceResult, "BobBarker", (s)=>{ Debug.Log(s); });

Unsubscribe(string identity)

This method provides a way to unsubscribe to all dice set events for a identity. Examples:


Dice Camera Features

DiceCamSetup(float widthPos, float heightPos, float widthSize, float heightSize)

This method sets up the Dice Cam. The first two parameters indicate the location of the Dice Cam viewport expressed as percentages of the entire screen. For example, a widthPos of 20 would be 20% of the way across the screen. The third and forth parameters indicate the size of the Dice Cam viewport again expressed as a percentage of the entire screen. Example:

DiceSetManagerPlugin.Instance.DiceCamSetup(5, 70, 20, 25);

DiceCamShow(bool visible)

This method is used to show and hide the Dice Cam. By default the Dice Cam starts hidden. With this method it is possible to keep the Dice Cam visible at all time or to turn it on and off as needed. This method is used for both showing and hiding the Dice Cam but providing the appropriate setting to the method.


DiceCamMoveTo(Vector3 pos)

This method moves the Dice Cam dolly (effectively moving the camera) to the indicated position. Example:

DiceSetManagerPlugin.Instance.DiceCamMoveTo(new Vector3(2f,3f,4f));

DiceCamRotateTo(Vector3 pos)

This method rotates the Dice Cam on the dolly to the indicated Euler rotation (in degrees). Example:

DiceSetManagerPlugin.Instance.DiceCamMoveTo(new Vector3(45f,0f,0f));

DiceCamTrackDiceSet(Vector3 pos)

This method attaches the Dice Cam to the first dice of the specified dice set and the Dice Cam keeps the same offset to the die as when the method was called. This mean that when the die is tossed the Dice Cam will follow that die. Tracking of the die will continue until the roll is completed. Call tracking after the roll is stared to ensure that tracking does not end prematurely. Example:


Advanced Features


DiceSetManagerPlugin.Instance.DiceSets is a dictionary which is indexed by the dice set name and contains a DiceSet. A DiceSet contains the RollId (which is typically used internally) and Dice whcih is a List<Die> that identifies each of the Die objects in the dice set. These can be used to perform operations on the individual dice of a set (like re-roll a single die). The Die objects provide access to the actual Die game object in case the actual game object (such as the mesh) needs to be modified.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2021-10-16 1.1.1 336 Version 1.1.1 Install
2021-10-15 1.1.0 28 Version 1.1.0 Install
2021-10-6 1.0.1 42 Version 1.0.1 Install
2021-10-6 1.0.0 27 Version 1.0.0 Install