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This is a dependency plugin to be used by other developers, to present players with color picker gui and get back the selected color

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Provides standardized methods for accessing both local file and url resources. Automatically handles searching local folders for assets.

Preferred version: 1.3.1


Color Picker Plugin

This is a TaleSpire plugin for developers to persent players with wider color choice.


Developers should reference the plugin dll file in their projects in order to access plugin methods.

Color Picker GUI

This is example color picker window that will be shown to the player. Preview

Example Usage


All methods are accessible from a handler class in LonelyZombie namespace. You can create multiple instances of color picker windows, so there is no collision with other plugins using this plugin.

public class ColorPicker_ExampleUsage : MonoBehaviour
    LonelyZombie.ColorPickerWindowHandle window1;
    LonelyZombie.ColorPickerWindowHandle window2;


There are no initial parameters required when instantiating the color picker window handler.

    public void Awake()
        window1 = new LonelyZombie.ColorPickerWindowHandle();
        window2 = new LonelyZombie.ColorPickerWindowHandle();

After the instance is created, the window is allready added to the plugin specific canvas and is hidden by default. The canvas persistant between load screens, even in main menu, so be careful when unhiding the Color picker window.


We can control each window position and size in two ways.

We can set pixel position and size of the color picker window.

        window1.setPosition(200, 300);
        window1.setSize(300, 200);

Or we can set size and position relative to screen size in normalized percentage values.

        window2.setPositionNormalized(0.5f, 0.5f);
        window2.setSizeNormalized(0.2f, 0.2f);

So this will create window 2 color picker in the middle of the screen and with 20% width and height of screen size.

DISCLAIMER! Whenever you are resizing the color picker window, the color selection is reset! Otherwise the Selected color will remain selected when you hide or unhide the color picker window. If you want to reset the color selection manually use resetSelectedColor function as shown in onWindow2Close method.

Subscribing to Events

When the window is displayed to the player, he/she can interact with it causing different events to fire. You can subscribe to those events in order to act accordingly.

When user is browsing throught the color palette the event_color_select_dynamic is invoked. Subscribe to this event if you want to react to player browsing throught the colors in realtime. Method that subscribes to this event must take Color as its only parameter. This color represents user current selection.


When user is done browsing through the color palette he/she can press the Select button. This invokes the event_color_select and it doesn't close the palette so player can change his/her choice. Method that subscribes to this event must take Color as its only parameter. This color represents user current selection.


When player is happy with his/her selection he/she can close the color palette with the close button. That invokes the event_color_close. Method that subscribes to this event must take 0 parameters.


Other way of getting user selected color

You can always get the currently selected color by directly accessing the selected color variable.

        Color selected_color = window1.selected_color;

Displaying the windows

You can display or hide the window by using this method, where true displays the window. Player can close window using the close button.

    public void Update() 
        if (StrictKeyCheck(new KeyboardShortcut(KeyCode.L, KeyCode.LeftControl)))

Note that this is only an example and color picker can be triggered by any other way than a button press.

Rest of the example code

This log will spam the log as it is invoked multiple times while user is browsing through color palette.

       void onWindow1DynamicSelect(Color color)
            // Do something with the color
            Debug.Log("window1 color: " + color.ToString());

This log will show up only if player will click the select button on color picker window.

        void onWindow2Select(Color color)
            // Do something with the color
            Debug.Log("window2 color: " + color.ToString());

This log will show up only if player will click the close button on color picker window.

        void onWindow2Close()
            // Do something in response to player closing color picker
            Debug.Log("window2 was closed");

The resetting of the selected color is used here as an example and is not required.

And to finish a nice method by @LordAshes to check for sctrict button combinations.

        public bool StrictKeyCheck(KeyboardShortcut check)
            // Check main key
            if (!check.IsUp()) { return false; }
            // Check that specified modifiers are pressed while all other modifiers are not pressed
            foreach (KeyCode modifier in new KeyCode[] { KeyCode.LeftAlt, KeyCode.RightAlt, KeyCode.LeftControl, KeyCode.RightControl, KeyCode.LeftShift, KeyCode.RightShift })
                if (Input.GetKey(modifier) != check.Modifiers.Contains(modifier)) { return false; }
            return true;


  • 1.0.1: Updated documentation - dll file not updated
  • 1.0.0: Initial release


Huge thanks to both Hollow and LordAshes for guiding me through my first steps in plugin development!

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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2021-11-11 1.0.1 21 Version 1.0.1 Install
2021-11-11 1.0.0 4 Version 1.0.0 Install
2021-11-11 0.5.0 2 Version 0.5.0 Install